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We at Wildfell are passionate about all things hunting and fishing. That extends to the care of your waxed cotton field gear. If it needs reproofing before your next day out hunting partridge or angling for salmon, then we can do it!

Yankee Thrift, Yankee Quality Reproofing


  1. Services apply specifically to waxed cotton fieldsports and country clothing. We are, however, able to offer suggestions with respect to refurbishing other types of waxed cotton garments.
  2. Price includes return shipping within USA. Return shipping to Canada requires an additional $40 USD.
  3. Surcharge per dry-cleaned/machine washed garment is 1x the regular price to cover additional wax and labor (e.g. Surcharge for dry-cleaned regular jacket is $50.).
  4. Garments covered with dirt and debris will be cleaned by Wildfell at a rate of $60/hour.

Send your garment, specifying which services you are requesting, to:

Attn: Green Mountain Reproofing
961 Shoreham Depot Road
Orwell, VT 05760

Include your name, address, telephone number and email.

Please include a check for payment.

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Contact us via Email,
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or call us at home 802-897-5656.

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